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Military amp PatrioticCivil War Georgia Slouch Hat With a
... Military & Patriotic:Civil War, Georgia Slouch Hat With a State of Georgia " ...
Civil War/Indian Wars Officer's Slouch Hat
Military & Patriotic:Civil War, Truly Historic and Important Slouch Hat Worn by a
Outstanding and Rare Civil War Officer's "Plug Hat" One of the most difficult items of Civil War headgear to obtain is the so-called "plug hat" with its ...
Confederate Captain's Shako This woolen shako, a tall, cylindrically shaped military cap, bears a stamped brass bugle horn and the initials WR for Warrenton ...
Military & Patriotic:Civil War, Confederate Virginia Cavalry Officer's Hardee Style Hat with theOriginal Insignia and Plume.
Forage Cap with Original 5th Corps Badge. This is the standard Union Army issue "bummers cap," first introduced in 1858 and symbolic of the Civil War ...
Military & Patriotic:Civil War, Regulation Civil War Louisiana Confederate Lieutenant's Kepi.
Wonderful Ohio Civil War Forage Cap: An absolutely wonderful Civil War forage cap (aka bummer's cap) being a high quality commercial cap bearing a ...
13-04-70 - ORIGINAL CIVIL WAR FORAGE CAP --- aka BUMMER'S CAP: Out of an ancient collection from the “old days” comes this wonderful Model 1858 Union .
Original Model 1889 U s Army Tan Campaign Hat | eBay
Plumed hat worn by General J.E.B. Stuart. The hat was made in Paris and bears Stuart's customary black ostrich plume.
Military & Patriotic:Civil War, Extremely Rare Schuylkill Arsenal Produced Fez as Worn byPennsylvania's Famed Collis Zouaves. This classic headgear of the.
Indian Wars Cavalry Hat | Cavalry Campaign hat, Model 1876, Indian Wars Period, cord and .
Original as found Indian War era US Army enlisted man's forage cap or kepi hat made by Horstmann Bros & Co of Philadelphia, contract May 31, 1892.
Military & Patriotic:Civil War, Berdan's Sharpshooter's Officer's Cap... Civil
This Hardee belonged to 1st Sergeant Philander B. Wright in Company C, 2nd Wisconsin Infantry of the Iron Brigade. He wore this hat on the morning of July 1 ...
CIVIL WAR BUMMERS CAP WITH ORIGINAL CORPS BADGE INSIGNIA. Original insignia of the 3rd Corps, 1st Division, 3rd brigade, Army of the …
WAR OF 1812 DRAGOON HELMET - ANTIQUE MILITARY HEADGEAR DEALER From the War of 1812 period, this is one of rarest artifacts that we have ever offered for ...
Confederate General Robert Edward Lee's Hat
1861 forage cap -- 1st & 2nd U.S. Sharpshooters version
Military & Patriotic:Civil War, Confederate Holster & Belt With Two-piece Interlocking
Raccoon Roughs hat, 6th Alabama Infantry. | Rob's Civil War | Pinterest | American Civil War, Civil war photos and Civil war flags
Infantry Private Frock Coat and Hardee Hat from the Civil War
Military & Patriotic:Civil War, New Jersey Officer's White Linen Summer Weight Vest
Medical or mounted rifles - green quatrefoil Military Clothing · Military ClothingMilitary CapWar ...
Military & Patriotic:Civil War, Complete and Identified United States Regulation Uniform Groupingwith Rare "Corded" Frock Coat. This cap, coat and trousers.
On April 22 Hanger participated in a charge at Catlett's Station, Va., led personally by J.E.B. Stuart, ...
Military & Patriotic:Civil War, The Confederate Officer's Shell Jacket of Captain John
Military & Patriotic:Civil War, Exceedingly Rare Regulation Corporal of Infantry Trousers withMaker's
Military & Patriotic:Civil War, Confederate Captain Uniform of Captain B. Blue, Arkansas Infantry with buttonhole to attach his emptysl. georgia doyle
Southern slouch hat American Civil War, American History, Civil War Photos, Civil War
Slouch Hat of General George G. Meade, commander, Army of the Potomac. Civil War Museum of Philadelphia
Rare 19th C Miniature top hat in beaver felt.
General Pierre G. T. Beauregard's Uniform.jpg Confederate Soldier Uniform, Confederate Flag, Civil War
Wool slouch hat of Confederate soldier William J. Jones of the 1st Alabama Infantry.
Military & Patriotic:Civil War, About Mint Veteran Reserve Corps Uniform Jacket.
This circa 1863 Union uniform was actually made in Portugal. During the Civil War many Northern uniforms were made in Europe and imported.
Capotain, commonly called a Pilgrim hat, is a hat worn from the 1590s through the 1640s in England & Northwestern Europe. Said William Bradford in 'Of ...
Military & Patriotic:Civil War, Confederate Captain Uniform of Captain B. B. Blue,
A rare Civil War Confederate uniform with collar in the black branch color of the Confederate medical department. The star insignia indicates the rank of ...
[Unidentified young soldier in Union uniform and Hardee hat with plume] (LOC). Military Personnel ...
Cape worn by John S. Mosby during the Civil War (National Museum of American History)
Sumter Guards shako, c. 1875, was worn by R. E. Evans of Charleston.
Waterloo 1815 period Shako for Enlisted Private 1812 - WarHats.com Military Headwear from many conflicts
Pin by Andrew Hempel on Bullion | Pinterest | American Civil War, Military and Civilization
Military & Patriotic:Civil War, Civil War Regulation Infantry Regiment Drum by Ernest Vogt
Swedish WWII canvas gaiters | Vermont's Barre Army Navy Store
Book Plate Civil War Era Uniform United States Zouave Cadets 1859 1860 .Elmer Ellsworth,
Military & Patriotic:Civil War, Confederate Holster & Belt With Two-piece Interlocking
Private , Georgia Regiment (Miller Rifles), ca. It was very common in early war Confederate regiments for the two flank companies of musket armed regiments ...
Civil War Confederate Quantrill's Raiders
18th Century Love
Original Civil War military frock coat. First Sgt rank
Military & Patriotic:Civil War, CDV View of a Soldier in the 15th Iowa
Black Watch, officers feather bonnet britain scotland army pipe and drum band bagpipe wire cage underneath
Confederate Haversacks
... Twenty-sixth Regiment North Carolina Troops, ca. 1862. The shoulder straps conform to 1861 regulations for officers' uniforms. NC Museum of History.
At Gettysburg
Pvt. William M. Robertson, Company K, Louina Guards, 14th Alabama Infantry
Military & Patriotic:Civil War, Rare Civil War Era Canteen. 8.75"
Confederate Sunset - Stonewall Jackson
Union; 97th New York Volunteers, painted canvas knapsack Civil War Flags, House Divided
C.S. Civil War Military Standing Collar Vest - brown grey, American Civil War Uniforms
Image result for Grenadier Guards Officers Full Length Frock Coat
Union civil war slouch hat with red army Corps badge and black and gold hat cord to indicate commissioned officer
Confederate General George Edward Pickett's Kepi Confederate States Of America, Major General, Military Hats
Alfred May carried this United States Army M1858 canteen during the Civil War. May was
U.S. Army blanket used during the Civil War (Monocacy National Battlefield)
84th Indiana Infantry Civil War Books, Civil War Art, Civil War Photos, American
Confederate; 4th Georgia, Sumpter Light Guard, Private, 1861 by Don Troiani Mexican
NEW YORK MILITA CIVIL WAR UNIFORM on | Super Hero Lovers | American Civil War, American war, Army uniform
Union Field Officer Frock Coat, an uncommon late-war frock coat with fold-
Father and sons/ 5th Georgia Infantry Confederate States Of America, American Civil War,
This Civil War uniform was worn by the Union infantry. Mass-production of men's clothing began due to the Civil War and the use of mach…
M45 Leibermuster camouflage, this was made from the same HBT material that M44 “dot” camouflage tunics and pants used
Military & Patriotic:Civil War, Impeccably Provenanced and Authenticated Confederate Civil WarEnlisted Man's Jacket. Accompanied by a Period Ink Tag which ...
Civil war medical officer. Possible standing postmortem. Standing postmortems are almost unheard of with
Original Civil War Artillery Captains Kepi 25th Independent Battery NY . This regiment was disbanded in
Officers Double Breasted Shell Jacket w/Gold Braided Sleeves (Even Sizes 34-54)
A union army officer's frock coat. Rank of Captain, which appears to be on yellow based shoulder boards signifying Cavalry. The single row of buttons, ...
LOT 434 - whitakerauction
george meade, general george meade, union general, union military leaders, the civil war, battle of gettysburg , general george meade's uniform, civil war ...
Hampton Legion uniform detail The Hamptons, Ancestry, South Carolina, Fathers, Dads,
39 Haunting Civil War Photos That Reveal America In Its Darkest Hour
S.H. Caldwell wore this uniform when he rode with General Nathan Bedford Forrest during the Civil War. Caldwell, a Paris native, served the Confederacy as a ...
New York National Guard Cavalry Officers' Dress Helmet.... Military Hats,
Civil War Unidentified Union Army Officers Unsigned Original CDV Photograph | eBay
Orient Express, Conductors, Train Travel, Antique Clothing, Central Station, Helmets
Museum of the Confederacy's display of R.E.Lee's actual pistol and other personal items. | Rob's Civil War | American Civil War, Civil war photos, ...
Confederate States Of America, American Civil War, American
[Unidentified private in Confederate uniform and Georgia frame buckle with bayoneted musket] (LOC)
A Rare Stand of 32 pdr Grapeshot found near Vicksburg 1863None
During the First World War all armies employed clubs for the
Georgia "Confederate Patriots ", want to add this to my plate collection Blue Plates
Below is a soldier from Georgia. I believe that North Carolina had a uniforms similar to this (black collar, black cuff thing, black.
ACW Confederate: Georgia Regiment, by Rick Reeves.