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IN 1853 David M Smith created the common spring
IN 1853, David M. Smith created the common spring clothespin. Preview our children's history DVD Click on Pin.
A: In 1853, David M. Smith of Springfield, VT., created teh common spring clothespin. Preview our children's history DVD click on pin
... for clotheslines,” invented by David M. Smith of Springfield, Vermont, in 1853, and made of two wooden “legs” hinged together by a metal spring.
Who Made That Clothespin?
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Spring-type wooden clothespin
George H. Smith, "Herbert Spencer's Sociology of the State" [November 2014]
Jedediah Smith
Joseph Smith
Herman Melville, 1870. Oil painting by Joseph Oriel Eaton.
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David Davis's influence with Mr. Lincoln was a political fact of life in Illinois. “As early as 1850, a prominent Whig in Taylorville wrote the Judge about ...
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Anti-Slavery Tracts. First Series, Nos. 1-20 (1855-56) - Online Library of Liberty
Title Page
... David Cleveland Mathews and Malinda J. (Stoops) Mathews David, a boy of 13, and Malinda, a girl of 6, came to Oregon on the same wagon train in 1853.
David M. Hart, “The Paris School of Liberal Political Economy, 1803–1853” (Working Draft)
THIELE, Friedrick August ...
Anthology antislaverytracts tp
Title page of the 1st edition of Say's Traité d'économie politique (1803) ...
The Theory of Moral Sentiments and on the Origins of Languages (Stewart ed.) - Online Library of Liberty
'A Splendid Position': The life, achievements and contradictions of Sir Arthur Smith Woodward 1864–1944 | Geological Society, London, Special Publications
Photograph of Abraham Lincoln taken at the time of the Douglas- Lincoln debates, 1858
John Ramsay McCulloch, Treatises and Essays on Subjects connected with Economic Policy with Biographical Sketches of Quesnay, Adam Smith & Ricardo [1853]
Title Page 1468 toc
Anti-Slavery Tracts. Second Series, nos. 1-25 (1860-62) - Online Library of Liberty
Page 1. SPRING
*15: SMITH, James Henry ...
Oliver Ellsworth Independence National Historical Park
STOOPS, John: m'd PARKER, Phoebe; ...
Clothespins were originally made of wood.
James Gunn Returns To Twitter With Cryptic & Now Deleted Tweet
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Anti-Slavery Tracts. Second Series, nos. 1-25 (1860-62) - Online Library of Liberty
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Rev. Brian G. Konzman, S.J.
Presidential candidate Ronald Reagan gives a speech to supporters in this 1976 Los Angeles photo
Page 1
The curious history of the clothespeg
LEMON, Hester: m'd 1831 TUCKER, Thomas [photo contributed by Andrea Adrian Healy]
Dred Scott's Supreme Court case made clear that the federal government was no longer able or
En route to the Arctic, a remarkable photograph (pictured) records a meeting at
Members of the second Isthmian Canal Commission in Washington, DC in the spring of 1904
CREECY, Alexander (1831- ): never married; s/o Bennett and Martha (Brown) Creecy; despite hip deformity that left him crippled all his life he still rode a ...
Milton M. R. Freeman | Ph.D | University of Alberta, Edmonton | UAlberta | Department of Anthropology
David B. Snow, Class of 1862
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John Williams
... m'd SMITH, Lydia Drucilla; s/o Bennett and Martha (Brown) Creecy [photo contributed by Jessica Daily-Geary]
TUCKER, Thomas (1810-1878): m'd 1831 LEMON, Hester [photo contributed by Andrea Adrian Healy]
39 No. 961 MAYS, John C., Yamhill Co; b1822/4
The ...
President Dwight D. Eisenhower, thinking, in 1953.
Argentina 2001 - Mamíferos del Cenozoico Argentino (Argentinian mammals of the Cenozoic. - Four stamps at 75c. in sheet: Megaterio - Gliptodonte ...
Chief Seattle in drawing
Distinguished Guests Prof. Dan Shechtman 2011 Nobel Prize Winner
Collection data for new material
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Smith tms languages1648 tp
Art Journal 56
Stanford White frame before conservation, with November evening by Dwight Tryon. Smith College Museum of Art
Utah Valley - David Bradford-February Luncheon February 19th, 2014
The successful landing of the most technologically advanced rover ever built ...
... daguerreotypist (English 1801 - 1885), [Mrs. R. Holdsworth], British, February 16, 1853, Daguerreotype, hand-colored, 7.8 × 6.5 cm (3 1/16 × 2 9/16 in.
J. W. Hood (James Walker), 1831-1918. One Hundred Years of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church; or, The Centennial of African Methodism.
Portrait of Stephen Douglas by Louis Lussier, 1860
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Attributed to Thomas Smith, Boston, 1675. All but head repainted by Hannah Crownshield about 1819; retouched by Howarth, Boston, 1864. Oil on canvas ...
Gone with the Wind Poster
The Principles of Sociology (1898)
John Everett Millais Virtue and Vice 1853
How to Get Strong p469.jpg
Horses seem to be a popular artistic subject for 19th century students. This image came from a writing primer published in 1886.
Portrait of David Rice Atchison, 1850
Elder County, Utah. This nineteenth century structure was built by the