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Emilia Ohl New York 1904 photography Florence
Amelia "Emily" Ohl Ship: General Slocum Nationality: American Residence: New York, New York US Death: June 15, 1904 10:00 AM Cause: General Slocum caught ...
Charles " Carl " Ohl Ship : General Slocum Nationality : American Residence : New York, New York US Death : June 15, 1904 10 : 00 AM Cause : General Slocum ...
Chicago Now Re-unites Eastland Relative with the Past-Willie Novotney age 7 perished in the SS Eastland disaster with his parents and older sister Mamie.
Phoebe Siegwart *girl on right* perished in General Slocum disaster near Hell's Gate in
#The844 victims Brothers Joseph (pictured here) and Anton Brychta both lost their lives
Julia Heckert, New York 1904
Marianne Aanstad survivor Chicago River, Titanic Underwater, Steam Boats, Michigan City, Olaf
Winifred Crager New York 1904
Lottie Link ( - 1904) - Find A Grave Memorial. Perished in General Slocum
Annie Blumenkranz ( - 1904) - Find A Grave Memorial. Age 20. Possibly
Minnie Christ New York 1904
Dorothy Fitzgerald SS Eastland disaster age 3 Titanic Underwater, Old Photos, Vintage Photos,
Anna Beckmann New York 1904
Muth girls New York 1902
Helga Rysstad Norway 1904
Richard Grunwald age 5 perished from the General Slocum disaster on June 15, 1904.
Mary Celeste - Sophia Briggs
Hedwig Timm & Henrietta Timm- General Slocum victims 1904 age 10 and 9
Lutheran Cemetery Burial list for victims of General Slocum | Slocum | Pinterest | Titanic, Cemetery and Fire
Biomedical Ephemera, or: A Frog for Your Boils
Targjerd Rysstad Norway 1904
The General Slocum Disaster: Single-Handedly Destroyed New York's Little Germany
A photo of Elizabeth Rakow
Muriel Mayer Ship: SS Eastland Nationality: American Residence: New York, New York
Phoebe Siegwart *girl on right* perished in General Slocum disaster near Hell's Gate in Manhattan, New York on June 1904 at age
William Henry Van Schaick As the captain of a New York- based steamboat, "
Paulette Abouaf (photo taken in 1942, Paulette age 4) Paulette was deported to
Aanund Rysstad Norway 1904
17 Haunting Post-Mortem Photographs From The 1800s
Name : Florence " Queenie " Lillian Jay Ship: RMS Empress of Ireland Passenger :
Lydia Anna Ida Rohn Tailor Shop, Shipwreck, Titanic
Joseph Gantz- Joseph was only 2 when he was sadly murdered at Auschwitz Birkenau in 1943
Suzanne Sukno from Paris, France was sadly murdered in the gas chamber on July 30
The General Slocum Memorial Fountain, one of the sole reminders of one of New York City's darkest days, is not
Search our Digital Photograph Collection by title, subject, call number, or date to find historical photos. Courtesy of the Special Collections department ...
Sylviane Amar age 11 from Sevran, France was sadly murdered in Auschwitz on September 4
Simon Grosman
Nettie McGary daughter of Confederate soldier sadly perished from typhoid fever in 1869 at age 9.
3 year old angels
Sigvard Harald Andersson, Sweden 1912
Frank Hedenkamp 8 years Perished in a fire in a ferry boat called the General Slocum at Hell's Gate in Manhattan, NY on June 1904
Inger Rysstad Norway 1904
Irène Frydlender *standing left* 1942 Never Forget, Historical Photos, Irene, Birth
Rose Garbarz
Examine the ancestry of the family and find photos of Mary Hickey at AncientFaces. Examine Mary Hickey photographs and other past images and genealogy at ...
8 year old Lucy B. Sorenson poisoned by her mother along with her older sister Myrtle (11) and younger brother
U.S. Navy Sailor assists passenger Marie Kleemann
Photo of 1 year old Henry Meininger taken in New York in Henry sadly perished in the General Slocum disaster with his mother on June
James "Jack" Paul Brennan Age 12 Killed in a fire at Iroquis theater in
Putnam, Mary - The Hartford Circus Fire ~ July 6, 1944
Victims of the General Slocum disaster, waiting for identification. Bellevue Hospital, The Bowery
Robert age 10 perished in the SS Eastland disaster with his uncle Sam on July 24
Yokheved Musk was sadly murdered at Auschwitz Death camp on July 1942 one month before her
Margaret Heidenkamp New York 1904
A Spectacle of Horror – The Burning of the General Slocum
Eva Beem
Ruvim Ksenzovski
3 year old George Bandelow perished in the General Slocum disaster on June 15, 1904
Slocum Disaster Memorial, Tompkins Square Park, Manhattan
Opaleck family, France
Deborah Davis' Latest Triumph!: Gilded, How Newport Became America's Richest Resort
Yetta Abramowtz, New York. 13 Year OldsHaunting PhotosFlorence ...
Eva Mary Grandidge, New York
Leonard Freed
Genia Schainer age 11 was sadly murdered in Auschwitz on August 19, 1942. Lest
Magier children
Original photographs from the Civil War
Little Boys In Life and In Death | The Thanatos Archive Twins Live, Post Mortem
Der Untergang der "General Slocum" 1904 vor New York gilt als größte zivile Schiffskatastrophe
Charles Slocum Curtis was keeper of Rose Island Light in Newport, RI, 1887-
North Brother Photo
Marcel Brzyski from Paris, France was sadly murdered in Auschwitz on August 1942 at age 11
The General Slocum Memorial Fountain - Tomkins Square. Gradually, whether good or bad, tragedy fades from our historic memory. Little by little grievous ...
Our lady of the Angels school fire, December 1, 1958, Chicago, Il.
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Elena Markham McAllister Born: 1865 Jackson, Michigan Married: 1890
On the morning of June 15, 1904, over 1,300 people packed onto the PS General Slocum in New York City for a picnic excursion. They would never arrive.
0046426 - STEAMSHIP ACCIDENT, Front page of the New York newspaper 'The World,' June reporting the burning and sinking of the excursion boat 'General ...
12 year old Allene Myrtle Anderson was a victim of a gas explosion in her school in New London, Texas on March
Katherine Pattison Nationality: Canadian Residence: Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada Death: December 6
Ingeborg C. Andersson, Sweden, Titanic victim-April 15, 1912 at 9 years old.
Explore the genealogy of the family and gather photos of Arthur Bergh 1903 at AncientFaces. See Arthur Bergh 1903 images and other family past photos and ...
General Slocum Disaster-North Brother Island-East River-NYC June 15, 1904
These 9 Disasters Forever Changed New York's Infrastructure
Leonard Freed Photo Black, Black White Photos, Free Photography, Vintage Photography, Monochrome
Joe Bruno's Mobsters - Six Volume Set - Kindle edition by Joe Bruno, Alchemy Book Covers, Marc Maturo, Lawrence Venturato. Professional & Technical Kindle ...
The General Slocum disaster memorial in Tompkins Square Park, Manhattan, New York City, which was once part of the Little Germany neighborhood
Easter crowds on Fifth Avenue outside St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City, 1904
PS General Slocum: The General Slocum caught fire and sank in New York's East River on 15 June 1904 killing over people and making it New York City's worst ...
Maria Goretti Birth year : Oct. 1890 Gender : female adolescent Nationality : Italian Background
Leonard Freed - During a Fashion shooting. Brooklyn, 1963 Leonard Freed, Harlem New
Wolf Agrest, France
Robot Check
Bernard Friedmann
Kiss Me, I'm Dead. New York PicturesNew York PhotosOld ...
Alice Clark Chicago, Illinois 1915
Alfred Scott Witherbee Ship: RMS Lusitania Passenger: 1st class Nationality: American Residence:
Garfunkel children
Magnum Photos